Kozalak (Patika's Kitchen)

Kozalak (Patika's Kitchen)

In Turkish Kozalak, means pine cone. To us it is symbolic for scattering seeds, producing, sharing, and growth. That's why our main kitchen is called 'Kozalak'. It's our visitors' favorite place in Patika. We aim to prepare 'Kitchen Workshops' in order to produce and taste new flavors and share our knowledge.

Actually every kitchen represents the culture of the people. Ours is just like that. It's a fun place. We work together where and when needed, try out new flavors, and always produce. It's not yet possible for us to produce all of our ingredients from our garden. But we make use of everything that we grow in our garden and nothing gets wasted. What we can't produce in our garden, we purchase from the local village market with careful selection.

Just like our visitors who come to Patika our kitchen is also multicultural. We like to have our visitors try dishes from various menus, which are focused on conscious eating. In our kitchen we mainly cook recipes from Turkish Cuisine and Indian Cuisine. Raw Foods, Ayurvedic Diet, Macrobiotic Diet, and a few more holistic diets are also a part of our kitchen symphony.

The only thing we are conservative about is processed and packaged foods. We haven't been able to leave them fully out of 'Kozalak' just yet, but we aim to leave them out as much as possible.

We always bake our own healthy bread. And we are proud to offer Patika's delicious carob, mulberry and grape molasses, green olives, sugar-free jams, home-made butter and olive oil made from our neighbor olive trees…

Patika's homemade Table Wine, local village honey, fruits and vegetables from that seasons' garden, and meals made with excitement and passion… are some of the things you will find at Kozalak.

But, just in case, still be prepared for surprises...

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