The Patika project
The Patika project

The Patika project is an experiment for mutual strengthening through shared creativity.
We think that everybody’s life is a unique journey and the path that forms this journey is to be realized by each individual. From time to time however, these paths cross those of others and it becomes possible to travel together. 
The “Patika Project” is an agricultural project located on a block of five thousand square metres in the village of Faralya in Fethiye. Reminding us that there are many options for self-realization in a lifestyle outside the rush that comes with urbanization, by remembering again our forgotten values, by working, producing, touching, smelling, feeling, Patika is an environment that allows us to remember how it is to live.

At Patika, to get a little closer to an ecological lifestyle, we strive to try to make our guests feel part of the daily flow of our programmes and seek to provide an environment where, through planning activities together that contribute to our personal development and through facilitating participation in the production process, guests can feel part of nature, reminding us that life is in a constant state of production.
We aim for an environment where children, youth and adults can develop themselves and where planning and realising activities is possible.

Who is living at Patika?
If you are curious about who lives at Patika…

History of Patika
The Patika project has been under planning by Erol B. for approximately 20 years. The first seeds for the project were sown in 1996 when the first stone house was built. The first experiments in organic farming started with taking courses in Permaculture.
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