who we are
Erol Benjamin Scott:

Is the son of an African-American father and a native “Istanbulian” mother.
Erol started his education in Turkey and finished his higher studies in the U.S..
Despite having trained as a systems analyst, he later reoriented himself towards the field of education, having been influenced by his family’s tradition in education. For many years he has given his support to civil society organizations as a professional and volunteer. He has also supervised ecological projects, planned ecology and chess projects for children and has given creative drama education.
Through his projects at Patika,he is continuing with the journey he embarked on years ago, to preserve the values of Anatolia and support people working on the construction of civil society.  Erol prioritises working in projects with an ecological or child-development focus. He moreover, loves to create and carry out projects with other people.

Koza ve Pati:

Koza is a Golden Retriever that joined the Patika family in 2005 at the age of 2 months. Combining her good temperament with the training she got from Erol, she is not just a dog but has become a member of Patika.

Koza's best friend Pati is a tabby cat. She loves to go hunting and hang out according to her mood. Since the age of 3 months Pati has been living at Patika…

Patika Project

The Patika project is an experiment for mutual strengthening through creating something together. We think that everybody has a journey in her/his life and that this path is to be realized by each individual.

History of Patika
The Patika project has been under planning by Erol B. for approximately 20 years. The first seeds for the project were sown in 1996 when the first stone house was built. The first experiments in organic farming started with taking courses in Permaculture.
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