At the Patika project we plan summer camps for children between the age of 9 and 11 years and for youth aged 11 to 14. When preparing summer camps, our priority is to try to remind our children and young people, throughout the course of the camp, of the totality and interconnectedness of life and of our place within nature as one part of it.

Over the10 days of our camps, children learn not only mental development and self-confidence but also sharing, group production, games and friendship.  In remembrance of a great statesman who played a major role in Turkey’s process of enlightenment through his founding of the Village Institutes, we have named our camps after Hasan-Ali Yucel.

“Those with their faces turned towards the past will undoubtedly feel discomfort.  Like a traveller mounted backwards on his animal, their heads will spin with dizziness; once they have moved far away from the past they see their things begin to shrink; they feel oppressed, tortured and sometimes they are also genuine in this... Those with their faces towards the future however, see their ideals that appear tiny in the distance grow ever larger as they struggle and labour to approach them; these they see ever more brightly, ever more alive. For these they are optimistic, brave, their lives are always productive. They march forward and, together, they advance others also…” continue… >>>


(1. CAMP) our first youth camp
(2. CAMP) our first children’s camp

(3. CAMP) our second children’s camp
(4. CAMP) our second youth camp

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