Tracking Around Patika
During your stay at Patika, there are a variety of hiking paths you can walk on that range from one to two hours short walks or longer all day walks. Nevertheless, you'll be walking on a unique 10 minute path through the woods to get to the sea from Patika, but if you would like to experience more, you have the options to walk on the paths through the pine tree woods that are parallel to the seashore. Our village is located at the seashore, surrounded by pine trees. You'll have many hiking paths to choose from and many images to capture with your cameras.
You can take day trips to the Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterflies Valley), Kabak Koyu (Squash Bay), Babadağ (a mountain), or explore your own routes around this geography that entails the ancient Lycian paths.

Patika-Kelebekler Vadisi (a day trip)
As you walk a 2 hour marked path through the woods from Patika to Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterflies Valley) you'll have the opportunity to view unique sceneries of the valley. If this scenery isn't enough for you, there is the option to hike down a 1 hour difficult and steep path to the valley. If you prefer not to hike down, you have the option to explore a waterfall up the hill with the help from the directions by neighbor villagers.

Patika-Kabak Koyu (a day trip)
By walking another 2 hour marked path through the woods from Patika, you'll reach Kabak Koyu (Squash Bay). It is also possible to take a longer path through the ancient Lycian route.

Patika-Babadağ (a one or two day trip)
Babadağ is one the mountains in Turkey that includes very important plant faunas and vegetation. This is a common spot for people who come for paragliding. Hiking to Babadağ would require a night stay with a tent. Or it's also possible to drive up to a point and then hike up some. This hike is for those who would like to feel chilly in a hot weather and view the cedar trees and paragliding.

The Ancient Lycian Path (LİKYA YOLU)
Historically this was a very important cultural and trading center during the Lycian civilization, around 3000 B.C. It's an ancient 520km (323 miles) long stone path, that is spread through the Taurus Mountains and along the Mediterranean seashore which the ancient Lycian civilization used for spreading cultures and improving trading. Because this hand-made ancient path is still in usable condition it is a very important place.

The Ancient Lycian Path starts from the town, Fethiye-Ovacık and ends at Hisar-Çandır, Antalya. You can find detailed information about the Lycian Path from the book "THE LYCIAN WAY" by KATE CLOW.
The closest entrance to the Lycian path from Patika is through the first neighborhood in the village, called Hisar, which goes to Kabak Koyu (Squash Bay). Even though this is a short distance, it's still an exceptional opportunity to walk on an ancient path

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