Permaculture at Patika

Permaculture at Patika
Permaculture is a model that takes Nature as its example to cultivate the systems involved in the soil community. It's a design that takes into consideration the life that commune under and on top of the land; the living creatures, energies, structures, and humans. It's possible to transform our gardens, and living spaces with the help of our attitude, principles, design techniques, and utilizing Nature-Friendly technologies.
Not only did we earn the Permaculture design Certificate in 1997, we continued to improve the Patika Project in this direction and worked on promoting Permaculture in our community.
We think Patika is a great center to experience the Permaculture model with its seasonal educational workshops, and the environment that's created is great to practice hands-on activities for those who want to be closer to Nature.
Please click here for pictures of previous workshops and permaculture activities.
You may go to this year's program at Patika to follow the activities in this area, or you may email ( us to get more information about seasonal activities.

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