Children & Youth & Families with Children at Patika

Children & Youth & Families with Children at Patika

Our first "Camp for Sharing Knowledge and Experience for Families with Kids" was with Waldorf Education Specialist, Meral Geylani,

What a wonderful experience being on vacation with our children and at the same time discovering and exploring new things with like-minded people!

The opportunity to observe ourselves and our children in such a creative and supportive environment allowed us all to experience each other's individual qualities while working together.

Camps for Children:

The Patika Project has summer camps for children 8-11 years old lasting from 7 to 10 days.

The most important point we take into consideration while planning our summer camps is to incorporate a Holistic life-style into daily routines, activities and events at the camp. Our connection with Nature is celebrated every day.

(In the honor of Hasan-Ali Yücel, a statesman who founded the Village Institutions, and played a very important role in Turkey's enlightenment, we have given his name to our camps).

Pictures from previous camps.
Pictures from previous camps for children.
This year's Activity Calendar.

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